[2023 Full Guide to Drip Chicken Essence] Benefits, Effects, and Taboos

In recent years, drip chicken essence has become an increasingly popular choice for people to maintain their health, especially as a supplement for prenatal/ postpartum mothers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that chicken essence has the effect of warming the body and replenishing qi, as well as nourishing the kidneys.

So, what are the benefits of drinking drip chicken essence? Who should not drink chicken essence? What are the taboos that need to be noted? Let us explain these to you one by one!

Chicken Essence Benefits

What are the benefits and effects of chicken essence?

The 4 main points of the efficacy of chicken essence are as follows:

Chicken Essence Benefits 1:Enhances Physical Strength

Chicken essence contains small molecular proteins, especially branched-chain amino acids, which are essential nutrients for the body and can improve physical strength and muscle endurance.

Chicken Essence Benefits 2:Promotes Wound and Tissue Repair

The glutamine in chicken essence is an important protein-building element that helps with protein synthesis and body repair, especially during injury or illness, and post-surgical recovery.

Chicken Essence Benefits 3:Combats Fatigue and Boosts Energy

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) in chicken essence can help combat fatigue and reduce lactate levels in the blood.

Chicken Essence Benefits 4:Maintains Overall Health

Chicken essence contains a variety of nutrients, including vitamins A and B, zinc, and niacin, which can help maintain overall bodily health and function.

Chicken Essence Benefits 5:Increases Breast Milk Production (Rooster-based chicken essence only!) 

If breast milk production is low after childbirth, drinking soup made from rooster-based chicken essence (NOT hen-based) can help stimulate lactation.

Roosters contain androgens that have an anti-estrogen effect, which can facilitate lactation. Roosters also have less fat than hens, which can prevent postpartum obesity and aid in nutrient absorption for the baby when breastfeeding.

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The above points are the main benefits and effects of drinking drip chicken essence.

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4 Essential Things Postpartum Mothers Should Know

Chicken meat is rich in nutritional value and contains essential amino acids such as lysine, methionine, and histidine, making it a valuable medicinal supplement.

Drinking chicken essence can nourish the body and tonify the kidneys, nourish blood and essence, nourish the liver, reduce fever, and replenish deficiency.

It has a good therapeutic effect on postpartum weakness, insufficient lactation, anemia, irregular menstruation, cold uterus, dysmenorrhea, excessive menstrual flow, leukorrhea, and weak physique.

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However, if you choose the wrong product, it may do more harm than good!

Selection of Chicken Species

If you choose to use old hens, originally intended for egg-laying, to make chicken essence, it may not only affect the quality of the chicken, but also the amount of breast milk produced by postpartum mothers.

Old hens contain estrogen, which can enter the mother's body when consumed, and interfere with the secretion of prolactin, a hormone responsible for milk production. The more old hen soup is consumed, the less prolactin is secreted, resulting in less milk production.

Therefore, when purchasing chicken essence for pregnant and postpartum mothers, it is important to pay attention to these issues.

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Mothers who want to increase breast milk production should pay attention to the gender of the chicken when selecting chicken essence!

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Check for Ingredients List

Some chicken essence products may contain additional Chinese herbs. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid drinking these types of chicken essence, as their babies may also consume them.

Chicken Essence is not a Complete Nutritional Supplement

Although chicken essence can be consumed during all stages of pregnancy, it should not be used as a meal replacement, but only as a nutritional supplement. It is important to maintain a balanced diet.

Is it Medicated/ Organic?

Some chicken essence products are marketed as "residue-free" (meaning that medication was stopped for a short period of time before slaughter), while some others do not mention whether medication was used.

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Generally, consuming these products poses little concern, but for pregnant women, it is better to choose products made from organically-raised chickens that have not been treated with any kinds of medications to ensure safety and peace of mind.


Who should drink drip chicken essence?

  • Expectant and postpartum mothers
    Drinking chicken essence can promote appetite, regulate bodily functions, and enhance physical strength. It provides a rich source of nutrition without the need for time-consuming preparation, making it helpful for postpartum recovery and overall health.

  • For those who eat out frequently or have busy work schedules
    Chicken essence can enhance physical strength and mental alertness while providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in their diets.

  • Children, students, and the elderly
    These people benefit from consuming chicken essence as it helps to nourish and strengthen the body, promote appetite, and maintain overall health. The amino acids in chicken essence provide essential nutrients for the body.

  • For women in confinement or during breastfeeding period
    chicken essence can provide the necessary nutrients for lactation and wound healing.

  • For individuals with weakened constitutions or those who are ill
    Chicken essence can provide nourishment to strengthen the body, promote appetite, and maintain overall health, supplementing the nutrients that may be lacking due to poor absorption from their regular diet.

Side Effects of Chicken Essence and Drinking Taboos

Although there are many benefits to drinking chicken essence, it is important to remind everyone that there are still contraindications and precautions to consider.

The following individuals are not recommended to drink chicken essence:

  • Individuals with Gout
    Uric acid is the source of gout, a metabolite of purine, and protein foods produce purine during digestion. Therefore, individuals with high uric acid or gout should pay attention to their protein intake and may not be suitable to consume chicken essence.

  • Patients with Kidney Disease
    Protein can increase the burden on the kidneys, so individuals with kidney disease should not consume chicken essence without consulting a doctor.

  • Patients with Maple Syrup Urine Disease
    Maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) is a metabolic disorder of branched-chain amino acids due to the lack of enzymes to metabolize them, leading to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body that can cause brain cell damage and produce a unique body odor. Therefore, patients with MSUD should not consume chicken essence which is rich in branched-chain amino acids.

  • Infants Under 2 Years Old
    Infants and young children's physiological functions are not fully developed, so excessive protein intake can burden their kidneys.

  • During Fever
    As chicken is a warm and nourishing meat, it may not be suitable to consume chicken essence during a fever, cold, sore throat or other inflammatory conditions.

By the way, if you search for "high blood pressure" and "chicken essence" online, you will find that most articles warn that people with high blood pressure should not drink chicken essence due to its high sodium content.

However, this statement is not entirely accurate. Many drip chicken essence products have a sodium content of only around 60-80 milligrams, and some even have as little as 49 milligrams per packet, such as those produced by Yusaika.

Therefore, consuming high-quality chicken essence in moderation should not affect blood pressure.

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If you have any concerns, remember to consult a doctor first to avoid any potential side effects or worsening of your condition when consuming chicken essence.